For many cyclists, a clean bike is a point of pride and a source of motivation. It makes you want to ride it longer and faster, to take so many pictures for your social media, and it just simply looks right. While many competent bike shops can do a good job of washing your bike, what many riders don’t know is they can do just as good a job (if not better) from the convenience of their own homes. All that’s needed are a few items and a clean workspace with good drainage.


  1. Have the following ready: clean rags or microfiber towels, a toothbrush, a floor brush, and bike specific cleaning products such as the MOTOREX line.

  1. Start with the dirtiest parts first: the drivetrain. The chainrings, chain, derailleurs, and rear cogset are easily the dirtiest parts of your bike. Keeping these parts clean will ensure proper operation of the gears, reduce friction, and help them to last longer. Use MOTOREX Easy Clean X-Treme Chain Degreaser on the chain, running it backwards while spraying where the chain meets the cogset. Let it seep into the links and pins for a few minutes, then spray again while brushing. Brush off any remaining crud on the derailleurs with a toothbrush. Once the grime has washed off, re-lube the chain with a product like MOTOREX City Lube.

  1. Next up are the brakes. Detach the wheels first, then apply a modest amount of MOTOREX Power Brake Clean to the brake joints, couplings, and pads. Gently wipe off any remaining residue from the pads. Wipe down the braking surface of the wheels (rims or rotors) to remove any possible grit.

  1. Finally, use mild soap on the frame, taking care not to spray water onto the headset and bottom bracket when you rinse off. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, then apply MOTOREX Bike Shine for a lustrous finish.

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