With cities making the move to become more bike friendly with dedicated lanes, parking, and even emergency service stations, there’s never been a better time to take up bike commuting. For a modest investment in your bike and safety gear, you’ll get big savings in daily commuting expenses!


While it’s tempting to just get on your bike and start riding, it’s important to be prepared for the common challenges that you’ll encounter such as flat tires, broken chains, and even sudden downpours. Here’s a quick guide to all your commuting essentials.

  • Flat repair kit: hand pump, spare tube, patches, and tire levers

  • Multi-tool: This is your Swiss Army Knife for cycling, and should contain mini Allen wrenches for your bike’s various bolts, a chain cutter to repair a broken chain, and even a Philips head screwdriver

  • Lights: headlamp, taillamp, and optional helmet lamp

  • Water bottle

  • Helmet

  • Rain jacket or vest

  • COVID-19 kit: mask, hand sanitizer


Bike commuting is a fun and cost-effective way to get around, and with the proper equipment you’ll be prepared for almost any eventuality you may encounter during your ride.


Ride safe!

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