For many urban runners, you don’t have much of a choice where to run. With 16 cities in the National Capital Region, and with the majority of runners residing in Metro Manila, running near your place of residence is a way of life.
For the beginner who is just getting into the sport, however, running can be an intimidating experience as one must deal with traffic and unfamiliar routes. But with a little creativity and some extra preparation, you might very well find that urban running offers limitless opportunities for fun and fitness!
  • Plot your route beforehand
Whatever the distance, plot your route using Google Maps . You can map out your route with any of several running apps, determining your turns, rest stops, and turnaround points. Planning ahead will help you run with a goal in mind. Definitely better than running endless laps around the block!
  • Bring your COVID gear!
By now it should be SOP to always wear a mask when venturing outside. Face shields are also “required”, but rarely enforced for runners. It will depend on where you plan to run. Bring one to be on the safe side.
  • Always have your ID, phone, and some money
Put these in a runner’s belt to give you freedom of movement.
  • Let others know where you’re going
Tell your family where you’re going and how long you’ll be out so they’ll know when to expect you back.. and when to sound the alarm (yikes!)
  • Avoid busy roads
Try to run along side streets as much as possible to avoid dusty and noisy high-traffic areas.
  • Stay focused
Maintain presence of mind while you’re out, and constantly scan ahead for danger. Open manholes, dogs, debris and oncoming traffic are things to watch out for.
  • Bring your fluids
Unless you plan to stop at convenience stores to drink, a small flask or bottle will keep you hydrated.
  • Wear sunblock
Even if you like getting a tan, the sunblock will help keep your skin cool and stave off heat exhaustion.
Hit the streets with ON Cloudswift
Harsh urban pavement demands a different kind of running shoe, the kind that provides enhanced cushioning while still giving you the speed to blaze through the streets.
The all-new Cloudswift features larger Cloud elements in HelionTM superfoam for an exceptionally smooth ride. A re-engineered SpeedboardTM provides excellent energy return for that extra spring in your step, while more supportive side panels and quarter cage ensure you have the stability when avoiding street obstacles. The sock-like upper allows for an easy step-in and total comfort, while rubber grip pads on the outsole enable traction on wet surfaces.

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