Because running is a high impact sport with repetitive movement, it’s important to always practice good form in order to prevent injury and maintain efficiency. 


Running coach and On Philippines Run Crew ambassador Enzo Hipol teaches runners the basics of good running technique.


“Run with an upright torso, avoid slouching”

Keep your back straight, body tilted slightly forward from the ankles. Your chest should be raised enough so that your stomach isn’t cramped.


“Neutral hips”

Your butt shouldn’t be sticking out, and your hips should not be sticking forward. Keep your hips in a neutral position so that these combine with your chest to form an upright posture.


Drills for Skills

Coach Enzo’s 3 basic drills to help you practice efficient running are:


“Quick Feet”

From a standing position, quickly run forward around 10 meters with short, quick steps, feet rapidly touching the ground. Use your arm swing to help drive your cadence.


“High Knees”

Similar to “quick feet”, this time drive your knees upward to around waist level. The balls of your feet should just lightly touch the ground before lifting off again.


“Butt Kick”

As you jog forward, drive your feet back so your heel lightly taps your butt on each step. 



While there are many more drills for running, these 3 basic exercises will teach you the basics of efficient foot strike and are also a great tool for warming up.


What Coach Enzo's wearing

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