Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro
Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro
Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro
Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro
Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro
Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro

Bontrager Rapid Pack Hydro


Always be ready to ride with a comfortable hip pack that can carry more, with room for all ride essentials and an integrated 1.5L hydration bladder.

The trail-ready hydration hip pack

Bontrager's Rapid Pack Hydro is the perfect hip pack for carrying your water and ride essentials on the trail. The elastic construction keeps the contents secure without weighing you down, and it's equipped with an integrated 1.5L HydraPak hydration bladder with magnetic hose retention and a lockable bite valve. Plus, added capacity makes it easier to carry a shock or mini pump.

Product details

  1. Built with durable, lightweight stretch-woven material that works with the body's natural movements
  2. Larger size offers additional capacity and integrated 1.5L HydraPak hydration bladder
  3. The hydration hose secures via a magnetic attachment on the belt and can be cut to size
  4. A lockable bite valve prevents leakage during transport
  5. A rigid foam back panel offers breathability and comfort
  6. Two side pockets with internal compartments for easy organisation
  7. Additional larger zipped pocket designed for hydration bladder and mini pump
  8. Centre water bottle pocket keeps the weight in the middle for better riding balance


*Hydration station

An integrated HydraPak bladder, stored in a dedicated zipped pocket that keeps it secure on the trail, delivers 1.5-litres of easy-to-access hydration.

*Magnet magic

The bite valve is secured in place with magnets so it's out of the way when you're ripping, but always at hand when thirst creeps in.

*Carry more

Extra capacity means you can carry your essentials and then some. A larger back pocket holds the bladder and more, and includes integrated pump loops that make it easy to stash a mini pump or shock pump.

*Comfortable cargo

Forgiving elastic materials, perfectly balanced pockets and an adjustable belt add up to hip pack that stows what you need it but won't distract from your ride.

*Centralised water bottle pocket

The rear pocket holds a water bottle snuggly in the centre of your back so it won't sway back and forth, and the integrated pull loop makes grabbing and storing your bottle a breeze.