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Muc- Off -50°C Chain Lube

Muc- Off -50°C Chain Lube

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-50°C Chain Lube is specifically designed to withstand the coldest of conditions. Whether you're a roadie, mountain biker or fat bike rider, -50°C Chain Lube will keep your chain running smoothly and prevent any links from freezing.


    • Ideal for Road Cycling, Cyclocross, MTB & Fat Bikes
    • Provides the ultimate performance in freezing conditions
    • For chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals & cleats
    • Incredible durability
    • Pipette system for easy application

  • HOW TO

    1. Fully de-grease drive chain thoroughly before lube application
    2. Ensure drive chain area is dry
    3. Shake bottle vigorously and apply a moderate amount of -50°C Chain Lube to the inside chain link, whilst spinning pedals in a reverse motion
    4. Ideally apply 3-4 hours before your ride
    5. Wipe excess lube carefully


  • Project Green is our never-ending commitment to deliver a multitude of environmentally-focussed improvements across our business. We love the planet we ride on, it’s our playground, and we’re driven to protect it for everyone.
  • This product has a Project Green credential; meaning that it’s either biodegradable, refillable, reusable, or all three!
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